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Many entrepreneurs and companies find that the process of raising capital for early-stage businesses can be a confusing and time-consuming experience.  We will assist you through the investment process, ensuring that you and your business are investment-ready before you meet a potential investor. We will tell you up-front if your business venture is not suitable for Angel investment.

When you are investment-ready, the network provides the opportunity to present to the most suitable investors for your business. We not only look for investment from within the region but typically work together on a reciprocal (syndication) basis with other networks such as AngelHQ (Wellington), IceAngels (Auckland) and Enterprise Angels (Tauranga).

Otago Angels is a partner organisation with the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund and eligible companies may receive funding to match Angel investments up to $250,000 on a first round and up to a further $500,000 in subsequent rounds. NZVIF has developed standard company documentation which is available free of charge to companies that seek Angel investment and NZVIF Co-Investment Funding. Discuss your situation with us before adopting the templates.

Link to NZVIF website:

Successful entrepreneurs may receive the business capital they need from Angels and NZVIF as well as an invaluable source of knowledge, expertise and industry contacts.

Otago Angels invites applications from companies that have high growth potential in international markets and meet some or all of the following criteria:-

Start-up companies: Companies that do not have sales/revenue or may not have employees. i.e. a company that has a product or a business concept and not necessarily a company structure other than a New Zealand company registration.

Early Stage companies: Companies that have a management structure and processes, product, some sales/revenue, employees, and can define their market and competitors.

Growth Companies: Companies with respectable sales turnover, an experienced management team, are successfully competing in their market, and need capital to develop and expand their business into new territories, enter new markets with new lines of business or new products, exploiting a focused strategy.

There is no fee to submit an application for review to Otago Angels.  Each investment project is structured and terms and conditions and valuation determined through negotiations. If accepted following a preliminary screening meeting a contract in the form of a Letter of Engagement is drawn up to define the funding project.

To make initial contact with Otago Angels  – contact our Network Manager via the Contact tab on this website.

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