The Otago Network – Services and Processes

Start-ups: Our services help entrepreneurs to understand the investment process, prepare or refine their plans and presentation and become investment-ready.

Angels: We  support our Angel investors through networking events and our experience with the asset class to improve their investment success. Investment decisions are made by each individual Angel based on their own evaluation and enquiry following presentations by companies seeking equity funding. We are not a Venture Capital fund; members subscribe as individuals or in groups making their own decisions on individual deals.

Our Angels rely on network management to:

  • Receive and screen inquiries and business concepts and plans
  • Assist companies to refine formal plans and presentations
  • Notify members by email of investment projects that have passed initial screening by the Investment Committee
  • Distribute detailed investment documentation to members who express interest in specific projects
  • Arrange group meetings in Dunedin and in Queenstown to review  opportunities
  • Arrange due diligence and follow-up meetings for interested investors
  • Work with the lead investor to secure the required level of investment
  • Work with NZ Venture Investment Fund to seek Seed Co-Investment Funding for eligible deals


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